Uzbekistan Hotel 4*

Location: 45, Musakhanova str., Tashkent city. 50m from Amir Temur Square and Amir Temur Museum 


Hotel of Uzbekistan is considered a symbol of Tashkent. It is located in the heart of Tashkent, 50 meters from the Museum of Amir Temur and a 10-minute walk from the Alai market. Its majestic look very familiar to each of Uzbeks, because it was built during the Soviet era in 1974 and played a major role in turisticheko and business structure of the city. This lace front in the 17 floors to this day thousands of tourists from all over the world. Hotel window facing the side of the famous Square of Amir Temur and a favorite place of all visitors of Tashkent and "Broadway."

Total rooms in the hotel: 278 (128 rooms with balcony)

Standart room category B

Standart room category A



Super Luxe 

In the rooms:

Category B

- Bed 

- Shower

- A mini-bar (fee)

- TV

- Central AC

- Hair dryer

Category A and Superior rooms

- One double bed or two twin beds

- Bathroom

- Coffee table

- A mini-bar (fee)

- TV

- Central AC

- Hair dryer

- Wi-Fi