Tourism - it's a lifestyle of modern man who wants to explore the world with own eyes, feet, with every fiber of the soul.

"Show and be seen" - it's about you, restless tribe, who is in four walls, first begins to feel sad, then nervous, then wither and eventually go to the nearest travel agency.

Wanderlust wishing offers various ways to implement it. Some immediately will think  of sport and recreation tourism - the mountains, gorges, tents, backpacks, "mugs, spoons, bowls," the guitar by the fire until morning. Good!

Another needs a comfortable ship, sail the seas and floating on the waves, or a bus with video and air conditioning in the cabin - "look at the right, look at the left - that is the famous Big Ben and the romantical Eiffel Tower, and now you can witness the Loch Ness monster ... "

Thirds would like to leave with family at the sea, where animators will entertain them all day long, and the food is "pounding" on the tables of plenty.

Which would be the type you are treated - it makes you unforgiving "tourismlover", the thirst for new experiences and discoveries.

A true "tourismlover" we're burning desire and passion to help relax the way that they always wanted boundless imagination!


keguru panda moroz ded  paris