The exhibition "Ceramics Without Borders" joint project with the Embassy of Israel

The exhibition "Ceramics Without Borders" joint project with the Embassy of Israel
Studio Rakhimov's Ceramics opens a joint project with the Embassy of the State of Israel - the exhibition "Ceramics Without Borders" on 19 April, 2015 

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The project combines the work of the Uzbek master Alisher Rakhimov and Israeli ceramist Roi Maayan. Both of them - came from the famous dynasty of potters continue the traditions of the craft, stored in the family and passed down from generation to generation. Both are renowned in his own country, creating works that combine bright, eye pleasing beauty and everyday, routine appointment.

Used the example of Mahayana Rakhimov and you will see typical for ceramics Israel and Uzbekistan features, techniques, colors and traditional forms used in both countries. Works of art of pottery is always pleasing to the eye, decorating life of people. And this is true for all people. It is interesting to trace the similarities and differences, as well as the author's master's handwriting.

Rakhimov dynasty boasts six generations of excellence potters. The most famous Mukhitdin Rakhimov, who gave a lot of effort to the development of the national ceramics in Uzbekistan. Now Akbar Rakhimov and his son Alisher stand at the head of the dynasty, continue to maintain and develop the art of grandfathers and great grandfathers.

Roi Maayan is widely known in Israel. He regularly exhibits his work both at home and abroad.

The exhibition at the Studio Ceramics Rakhimov will last until April 26, 2015.