Tashkent is among Top-10 popular cities of CIS in 2014


Top 10 most popular cities in the CIS visited by Russian tourists in 2014 were Minsk, Kiev and Almaty. Next in the top ten followed Baku, Yerevan, Astana, Kishinev, Tashkent, Bishkek and Brest.

In the popularity rating of the CIS countries among tourists leads Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Next Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan followed. If Georgia was part of the CIS, then the Georgian capital - Tbilisi would be included in the top five popular among Russians in the ranking. 

The rating was compiled by Oktogo.ru using hotel booking data of Russians in the CIS in 2014.

Most expensive city in the CIS according to expenses of Russians on living cost became the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana, and lowest cost is the Kyrgyz capital - Bishkek. In Astana, the Russians paid for accommodation in a hotel an average of 194$ per day, and in Bishkek - 69$ per day.  As it was noted in the study, in 2014 the Russians traveled to the CIS countries for three and a half days, for which they paid an average from 95$ for the night in a hotel. 

Oktogo.ru Statistics show that in 2014 in Belarus Russians made 32% of all trips in the CIS, in Ukraine - 21%, in Kazakhstan - 17%, in Armenia - 9% in Azerbaijan - 8%, in Moldova - 7%, in Uzbekistan - 4% and in Kyrgyzstan - 2%. In Belarus, Russian tourists who organize their holidays independently, came last year for an average of three days and paid for accommodation in hotels about 85$ per night.