Tashkent International Airport has begun to improve

Tashkent airport

It is reported with reference to News Agency - Anhor.uz with reference to the head of Services on the organization of International transportation of Tashkent airport - Shukhrat Gulyamov.

According to him, it was decided that at the time of arrival and departure of passengers, the special team should present in the arrival hall and other points of operation on which the speed of passenger services depends, and most importantly, supervisors of data points did not give an assessment and rather their allies did.

"This impartial mutual evaluation has led to the fact that changes were made to the organization and the technique of the work. Decision has already been accepted and is being implemented: in the days when several flights arrive at the same time, employees, who are less busy should be involved at this time to serve passengers. The speed of passenger flow will also be facilitated with the use of new technologies that are used in the passport control. In addition, the number of vehicles will be increased for unloading and transportation of baggage, "- said Guliamov.

He also informed that in collaboration with colleagues from the State Customs Service, the airport management has achieved harmonious teamwork at the border checkpoint.

"Currently, there is a reconstruction of the old terminal building of local airlines of Tashkent airport in order to increase the area of the zone of arrival of passengers that will further speed passenger service in this area. The people who meet the passengers have not gone unnoticed; for them canopy has been expanded and modernized, display with information about the arrival of flights and checking monitors have been installed. The average time of passenger stay in the arrivals hall now lasts 30 minutes "- summed up the representative of the airport.

The online publication also hopes that there will be amenities not only for arriving passengers but also for those who fly away.

"Perhaps soon direct entry of cars to the second floor landing departing airport will be allowed. I wish that great amenities would be for welcoming people, such as toilets, a small snack bar and more. If they can do it abroad, then why can’t we?"- ask journalists.