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Malaysia is the country of natural wonders, where hospitable people live. The western part of the country is located on the Malay Peninsula, neighboring with Thailand in the north and Singapore in the south. East Malaysia includes the states of Sabah and Sarawak and in the north Borneo. Along the coastline of Malaysia beaches with a total length 4800km stretch and there are numerous islands, most of which have the glory in Asia.

Penang is one of the most famous resorts in Malaysia. The state consists of the island of Penang and strips of land on the mainland called Pry Sebrang. Its capital Georgetown is a large city with many historic buildings and cultural attractions. North coast with its long sandy beaches and shimmering tempting waters is famous among local and foreign visitors. Along the coastal highway, which leads to the north-west from Georgetown, you can see the most popular beach in Penang Batu Feringgi. Along the chain, hotels and resorts of international level are lined up. At sunset, a festive atmosphere reigns on Batu Feringgi. Local open-air market attracts buyers with its countless variety of goods. Here you will be able to observe the work of local craftsmen, creating intricate products and painting batik. Another popular resort destination is  Tanjung Bungah. In any of its many luxury hotels you can have a wonderful holiday by the sea. A remarkable feature of Tanjung Bungah is numerous quiet coves, hidden in overhanging cliffs and huge rocks. North-eastern end of the coastal highway leads to the bay of Teluk Bahang. There is a tropical spice garden nearby. It is a live collection includes more than 500 species of vegetation in Malaysia and other countries. 8-acre valley is one of the world's largest fairgrounds of tropical herbs and spices. Monkey Beach, which is in the northwest of Penang is ideal for picnics. Somewhat to the west there is the scenic beach of Pantai Krachut, which is famous for its pristine purity. A little farther from the beach a unique lake is located with not mixing layers of fresh and salt water. You can get to Monkey Beach and Pantai Krachut only on forest trails or by boat, for which you should refer to private boat carriers. The main attraction of this place is Fort Cornwallis, which was built by Captain Francis LITE in the early XIX century. Cafes on Henry Drive Street offer local specialties. Quarter Little India and Campbell Street delight with inexhaustible abundance of trinkets, souvenirs and antiques, which are sold here.  

Pangkor. Proposed name of Pangkor comes from Thai "Pang Ko", which means "a beautiful island". According to another version, the island got its name in honor of Pang Kui- a legendary Chinese adventurer, who supposedly taught the arts of seafaring to the pirates, who had been hiding here.

 The main attraction of Pankor is its amazing beaches located on the west coast. One of the most popular is Pantai Putri Davy that got its name in honor of the princess, who according to legend left the beloved.  This beach is also called as Golden Sands Beach. Pasir Bogak beach is wonderfully suited for snorkeling thanks to its long reef and shallow water. This beach leads to the strait between the islands of Pangkor and Pangkor Laut. Teluk Nipah attracts with its pristine beauty and a variety of beach activities. Walking along the island of Giam to observe the tide will reveal the inexhaustible treasury of the underwater world. If you want to make an exciting dive, go to the islands of Pulau Sembilan located in 27km south of Pangkor. All nine islands are uninhabited, and the water is rich in all kinds of living creatures. Lumut town is a transit point on the way to Pangkor for those who choose to get by rail or road. It is 83km from Ipoh, which is the state capital of Perak. Teluk Batik Bay located in the south of Lumut is popular for camping, boating and surfing. Nearby lies Teluk Rubia, another nice beach with a golf field.        

Tioman is recognized as one of the best island resorts in the world and became famous for its legendary beaches and as the "Bali Hai" in the Hollywood musical "South Pacific". The largest and most developed of the volcanic islands that is included in the eponymous Tioman Marine Park. According to the legend, it became the resting place of a beautiful princess-dragon. Since that time, the outlines of the island reminds this fabulous plant. A trip to the Monkey beach or to the Islands of Tulai and Rengis for swimming and having a picnic can be an interesting adventure. On the shores of the islands fishing villages are scattered. The largest of them are the Salang Tekek, Genting, Paya and Juara. Each is characterized by its own village atmosphere and unique flavor.       

Sabah state located on the island of Borneo is famous for the richness of its culture, ancient forests and caves. Its long coastline is adorned by paradise beaches and framed by a fantastic island. In the west, the coast of Sabah washes the South China Sea with its waves and in the east, Sulu and Selebes Seas. Tanjung Aru Beach located near the airport is popular with its sunset and relaxing beachside cafes. Five Islands of Marine Park named Tunku Abdul Rahman are genuine treasures of world natural heritage. They are surrounded by extensive coral reefs. Just half an hour from China there is Kinabalu Nexus Karambunai Resort- a legendary luxury resort with its 6 km soft sandy beach. In the leisure centre Lagoon Park, which is 10 minutes away from here, you will find a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities: water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, and hiking in the mangroves. If you seek peace and solitude, visit Pak beach in Tuarane. This sandy belt with a 6km length shimmers in the sun. On the way visit the people of Bhajan that are known as "sea gypsies." On the north of the state there is Kudat coast with crystal-clear water and picturesque scenery. On the coast of Sabah many islands are scattered. Theee Marine Park of Tiga Island has gained fame by becoming the filming location of popular TV program “Survivor.

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