Prague - the gateway to Europe

       Экскурсионные туры в Прагу     Экскурсионные туры в Прагу, Чехия    Экскурсионные туры в Прагу, Чехия  Экскурсионные туры в Прагу, Чехия

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Prague is full of cultural heritage of generations. It is a city in the heart of Europe, which raises tens of its towers up to infinity. It is also a magic city, which is enjoyed and admired and which shows and offers a lot, but hides even more in itself.

You should go on foot along this city; only then the boundaries between past and present will be erased. Please do not be afraid to fold on small streets, go in Prague pubs, about which it is not written in the guidebooks (beer in the Czech Republic is good everywhere). Each city has a soul, but only you can find it, as many have found it before you. And maybe we can help you with that too.      


Tours in Prague

Sightseeing tour of Prague for 4 hours

You will see: 

Prague Castle, which was once the residence of Czech princes and kings and today it is the residence of the Czech president. On its territory stands the majestic St. Vitus church in other words - "black pearl" of Prague.

You will walk on foot through one of the oldest stone bridges in Europe - Charles Bridge, which is called the open-air museum, will make a wish there and it will certainly come true.

You will stroll the winding medieval streets of the Old Town, go to the Old Town Square, where there are the most unique watches in the world - Prague Astronomical Clock. And every hour you can see how 12 apostles of Jesus Christ pass and the trumpeter who has been blowing his trumpet for already several centuries.

You will see a new city and in Prague, built in the XIV century by the order of the Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, who adored Prague so much that in the same XIV century he made ??it the capital of the great empire.


Mystical Prague

Excursion to get deeper knowledge of Prague, its magical heart, scary urban legends and ancient mysteries begins on Old Town Square, under the Astronomical Clock. During an evening stroll you will pass through the small streets of the Old Town, you will learn about the Templars, Jesuits, Holy Inquisition, about spirits and ghosts that roam the city and scare away late passers even nowadays.


Singing Light-fountains

You will be brought to the evening light-fountains concert. Magical action takes place outdoors on the territory of the industrial palace of the exhibition hall. Here at the confluence of three elements - music, light and water and you will relax and enjoy the magnificent spectacle. Moreover, you will enjoy the view of the famous dancing fountains that were created by the engineer Frantisek Krizhikom in 1891 for the opening of the County jubilee exhibition. Here you will find unique representation, where under the rhythm of great music merge the dance of water and light. 


 Konopišt? + brewery "Goat"

Place, where a castle called Konopišt? since ancient times was built. Here they grew hemps for peaceful purposes. And the owner of the nearby estate, Bishop of Prague, decided to build himself the castle. This castle had many owners. In the 70s of the 19th century the heir of the royal throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Archduke Franz Ferdinand d'Este bought it. Who of us does not remember one of the causes of World War I, which began after the events in Sarajevo, after the murder of the owner of the castle and his wife in 1914.  In 1921, the castle became the property of the Czechoslovak Republic. Here is what to watch. Externally it looks like a romantic residence of French type. From his Italian ancestors Franz got not only the surname of d'Este and a great property, but also a large collection of hunting weapons belonging to 16-19th centuries (more than 4500 items!). Inside there is a huge amount of trophies. Someone has calculated that in all the years in Konopišt? Archduke had to kill 22 animals per day. Around the castle, he ordered to lay out a huge rose garden for his wife, which has been preserved to this day here.

And on the way back to Prague we'll pick a fresh beer in brewery Velkopopovitsky Goat. We will taste this beer and then have a tour along the factory, where you'll learn why this beer was given such strange name and see the person who gave this name. There is also a gift shop at the factory.


Carlsbad + brewer "Krushovitse" + crystal factory "Moser"

Karlovy Vary has been referred to as the royal city for seven centuries. When Charles IV - the Czech king and Roman Emperor was hunting, his horse stumbled, caught on a rock and suddenly struck up a geyser. Carl took it as a sign from God and ordered to establish Karlovy Vary, 12 exceptional chemical compositions of mineral springs. They are among the most effective mineral waters in the world. The most intense source - Geyser (Thermal Spring) - stems from a depth of 2 km and emits 1,500 liters per minute to a height of 12 meters. You will have the opportunity to try the healing water from any source. Those who wish can visit the thermal mineral pools in the open air (you must take a swimsuit and towel).


• Brewery "Krusovice"

One of the oldest breweries in the Czech Republic - "KRUSOVICE" originated in 1517, when Jiri Birka from Nasile inherited a farm with its brewery in the village of Krusovice near Rakovnik city. According to legend, he brewed such a good beer that guests at his house drunk and walked around for several days. Many residents did not like this neighborhood and Jiri Birka had to start to brew a mile away the walls Krusovice. Krusovice is situated among fields and meadows with fertile soil, as if designed specifically for growing barley and malt - the main components of beer. The water is delivered from wells located in the woods. All of this together allows getting a beautiful bouquet of flavors of Czech beer - «Krusovice."


• Crystal production plant - "Moser"

During the tour you will also visit the factory of crystal - "Moser".

In half of the 19th century, when Becherovka had 40 years increasing fame, the future founder of the Crystal factory Ludwig Moser learned the skill of the engraver. When he was 25 years old, he already had work experience in Prague and Berlin, after which he returned to Carlsbad in 1886 and opened his own shop with a workshop in the city centre, which belonged to Moser for 130 years. Trademark Moser receives worldwide recognition. The form and decoration of his vases, carafes, dishes and cups perfectly combines with the fashion trends of the time. Moser became an important person in Carlsbad, marries 2 times and had 9 children. And the business kept on expanding and its products are already famous throughout the world. In Paris at the world exhibition in 1900 Moser presents its new collection in the spirit of Art Nouveau and gets a silver medal. This is the same Carlsbad glass with colored decor and floral motifs. After the exhibition they became the most famous of Moser products. In 1901, he received the Order of the Lion and the Sun from the Persian Shah Mustafa and later also became the supplier of King Edward VII. Moser died in 1916, and the flag of the company passed to his sons. The business of Moser flourishes to this day!


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