Port Dickson

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Port Dickson is the most popular beach of the Malay Peninsula. Due to its proximity to the capital and huge amount of accommodation facilities, it is loved by travelers and often becomes the place to hold all sorts of events. Port Dickson or PD is the pride of Negri Sembilan state. The state is famous with its unique social system of Adat Perpatih and architecture of distinctive elevated skates of the roofs of the houses. Almost straight coastline of Port Dickson stretches for 18 km.  Its framed shady casuarinas lie under the shade of the Sun, which are washed by the gentle waves of the Straight Malacca. Teluk Kemang beach and Blue Lagoon especially attract tourists. Teluk Kemang is located on a 9 mile coast and is famous as one of the longest beaches in these places. You can have a swim in the warm water, make a parachute jump, enjoy canoeing, ride on a yacht or a boat here. At 11 km from Port Dickson, off the main road, there is the Blue Lagoon, which is ready to give you a holiday in the surrounding of pristine nature. On these beaches 2 brightest annual international events are held: Festival Port Dickson and international competition "Ironman Triathlon". 

Throughout the coast of Port Dickson five-star hotels and private bungalows are lined up. Moreover, you can just set up a tent on the beach to enjoy the night sky full of stars.  It was Port Dickson to be the first to offer the yachtsmen the competitive prices for services in the country.

The Admiral Marina Hotel and Leisure Club is superbly equipped for sailing, provides mooring and a full set of club services as well as repair services for yachts.

Yacht Royal Port Dickson provides its members with a variety of equipment and can accommodate vessels of various classes.

This charming seaside town is rich in natural and historical attractions. Next to the Blue Lagoon in Tanjung Tuan (Cape of Rachada), there is a lighthouse, which was built in the 16th century. It had formerly served as a landmark for ships heading to Malacca, which was a major port of regional significance at that time.

A breathtaking view of the coast opens up form the lighthouse.

To the north-east of Port Dickson Fort Kota Lukutov was erected in order to protect the deposits of tin. The local museum introduces visitors to the history of the city. Local museum introduces visitors to the history of the city. The restaurants of Port Dickson offer you rich selection of delicious seafood, exotic local dishes and western cuisine.