Paris holidays

Paris holidays

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Excursions from Paris

Paris (sightseeing tour by car for 3 hours)

Paris (Great sightseeing tour by car for 4 hours)

Latin block (walking tour to see the sights for 2 hours)

Bohemian Montmartre (sightseeing walking tour for 2 hours)

Opéra de Paris Garnier (sightseeing walking tour for 2 hours)

Louvre- major masterpieces (tours for 2 hours)

Versailles: palaces, parks (tours for 4 hours)

Castles of the Loire Valley (car tour for 12 hours)

A day in Normandy (car tour for 12 hours)

Champagne (car tour for 8 hours)

The Eighth Wonder of the World - Mont-Saint-Michel (car tour for 14 hours)  

 All the tours are carried out with Russian speaker guides


Paris (sightseeing car tour for 3 hours)

You will see:

  • The Square of Stars and The Arc of Triumph of Napoleon, under which the Emperor passed only once.
  • The Eiffel Tower- the symbol of Paris, which embodies not only the triumph of French steel industry  at the end of the last century, but is also a hymn of love of Gustave Eiffel.
  • Champs Elysees and the famous Triumphal path on which worked the kings, emperors and the presidents of France.
  • Three most beautiful squares of Paris: the Vendome, Concorde and the Opera Square.


Paris (great sightseeing tour by car for 4 hours)

You will see:

  • Block of Opera and Big Bulvars 
  •  Vendome Square
  • Place de la Concorde
  •  Louvre Museum
  • River Seine
  • Panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero
  • The Notre Dame de Paris
  • Latin Quarter
  • Pantheon, where famous writers, politicians, scientists and famous people of not only France found peace
  • Champs Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe.


Latin Quarter (Sightseeing walking tour for 2 hours)

You will see:

• The historical heart of Paris - Cite island.

• The famous Notre Dame Cathedral

• Sorbonne

• Pantheon

• Luxembourg Gardens

• You will understand why windows of Saint-Chapelle –are the most beautiful in Paris and why the Sorbonne is the most famous university in the world.

• You will be jostling among clamshells of young writers who live free of charge at the old bookseller Whitman.

Bohemian Montmartre (Sightseeing walking for 2 hours)


You will see:

• Montmartre, which until the early twentieth century was a village outside Paris with halfpenny housing, and where the first Impressionists headed by Renoir, Pissarro and Sisleyem rushed

• You will learn the legend of St. Denis, who gave the hill its present name.

• You will learn about Montmartre vineyards of the Roman epoch as well as about how Montmartre is associated with the monastery abatissa who fell in love with King Henry IV, and the Paris Commune, and even with the Russian Cossacks.


Opera Garnier (Sightseeing walking tour for 2 hours)

You will see:

• Paris theater and learn the fascinating story of the creation of the famous Opera Garnier. The eclectic architectural style and the richness of garnitures made it the world-famous Opera House. In this building, everything from floor to ceiling and the slightest detail is devoted to the glory of the opera. To date, this building – is the largest among opera houses of Europe and the main representative of the style of the Second Empire. 


Louvre - major masterpieces (tour for 2 hours)

You will see:

• Three Ladies of the Louvre - the Venus de Milo, Nike of Samothrace and the Mona Lisa

• The works of Titian, Veronese, David, Delacroix

• The works of Bernini, Michelangelo and Canova

• Halls of the Louvre – the palaces, ranging from medieval dungeons to state apartments of Anne of Austria and Louis


Versailles palaces, parks (tour for 4 hours)

You will see:

• Large apartments of Versailles Palace.

• Throne room and bedroom of Louis XIV

• Ballroom and billiard parlors

• Royal Chapel and Queen Bedroom, where French partials watched the birth of heirs to the throne

• The famous the Mirror Gallery

• Park of Versailles


Castles of the Loire Valley (car tour for 12 hours)

You will see:

• The most beautiful and most visited castle in the Loire Valley Chenonceau with its beautiful gardens. From this castle of the XVI century, which spread over the bridge across the river, Catherine de Medici ruled over France.

• Amboise, where Leonardo da Vinci is buried. You will also see the brilliance of the royal palace of the Renaissance, the last refuge of Leonardo da Vinci, the conspiracy of the Huguenots and learn about an absurd death of Charles VIII.  The political and cultural life of the country was concentrated in it for two centuries.

• The largest of the local castles of Chambord, which was built thanks to the meeting of the young King Francis I of France with a recognized genius of the Renaissance Leonardo Da Vinci.


One Day in Normandy (car tour for 12 hours)

You will see:

• Ruins of the most famous castle in the history of France - Chateau Gaillard. It was built at the end of the XII century by English King Richard the Lionhearted and conquered by the French.

• City of Rouen - capital of Normandy with its Gothic cathedral (remember a series of paintings by Claude Monet). It was in Rouen Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in May 30, 1431.

• The ancient castle of the XVII century, where you will learn all about the production of the main Norman drink – calvados, which is drunk as a digestive in France.

• Deauville, most bourgeois resort town in Normandy with its famous beach, which was memorized in the film by Claude Lelouch- "Man and Woman".

• Honfleur (Honfleur), located on the coast of La Manche, which was once the largest port. The old harbor with narrow and tall houses huddled close to each other - all of which remind of the long history of the city.


Champagne (car tour for 8 hours)

You will see:


• Vineyards and Cellars hereditary wine producer - Mr. Ariston. He will tell us all about this heavenly drink: from the characteristics of the local soil and technology of vintage to the mystery of conversion of sparkling white whine in their basements.


• Reims with its gothic cathedral of the XIII century, and a visit to the most extensive cellars in the Champagne, an 18 kilometer cellar, which holds 25 million bottles of the famous brand Pommery. In 1874, Louise Pommery first gave the drink special light and elegant taste, now called "brute".

Eighth wonder of the World - Mont-Saint-Michel (car tour up to 14 hours)

You will see:

• The famous abbey on the island of Mont Saint-Michel

• You will walk on the ocean floor, not being afraid of quicksand.

•  In the world there is no other place than the Bay of Fundy in Canada, where the change in sea level would be so powerful - and here the difference in elevation of the sea at high tide and low tide can reach 15 meters.

• Monastery on top of the mountain, where in 708 the first temple was built, which soon became a place of pilgrimage and Benedictine monks settled here in the X century. It was turned into a fortress during the Hundred Years' War and into the prison - in the era of the French Revolution. The mountain of Mont-Saint-Michel has always been a symbolic place for the French. And thirty years ago Benedictine monks returned here again and now you can hear them singing in the abbey church.

• Local sheep grazing on salt pastures along the seawall at the entrance to the abbey – they say that only their milk provides a unique salty cheese.