Orient Star Khiva 3* (Khiva City)

Location: 1, P.Makhmuda str., Khiva city


Hotel Orient Star Khiva is located in the inner city of Khiva "Ichan-Kala", in a former Muhammad Amin Khan's madrassah, which was built in the mid 19th century (1851 - 1853). It is the largest city madrassas, where over 250 students lived and studied until the 20th century. Adjacent to the most famous landmark of Khiva - Cook Minor minaret, or as it is called in common Kalta Minar, that translation from Khiva means "small minaret".

Total rooms in the hotel: 61 Double rooms

Hotel rooms - are small rooms, where madrassa students were settled. All rooms are compact and comfortable, furnished with incredibly functional and tasteful. That creates a very special atmosphere and singles out this hotel of others. Guests are all conditions for recreation, so they can keep their stay in one of the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan only positive memories. The restaurant is located nearby madrasa.

In the rooms:

- Bathroom
- Mini bar
- Telephone and air-conditioning system

Services in the hotel:

- The gift shop
- Currency exchange
- Restaurant and bar
- A tea house