Langkawi – The Island of mystery

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Langkawi is the largest of 99 beautiful islands lying off the coast of Kedah, in northwestern Peninsular Malaysia. It is very versatile in its capabilities resting place with a rich infrastructure and tourist facilities of world-class. It includes a modern international airport, modern roads, superb marinas, cheap hotels, and hotels winning prestigious awards, first-class golf courses and a great variety of entertainment places.

The guests arriving Langkawi by sea go ashore at the port located in the heart of Kuah, which is the main town of the archipelago. Many hotels and shopping complexes are concentrated here. Before stepping on the shore of Langkawi, you can see the set of Eagle statue on the square. According to the local legend, the name of the archipelago comes from the word "Elango", which means "eagle" in Malay language.    

Idyllic shores of Langkawi are best suited for relaxing. Beach Tanjung Roux, which is located 22km from the north of Kuah, got its name in honor of the ubiquitous casuarina plants here. This wide sandy beach keeps the atmosphere of peace and pristine and is perfect for picnics. The local scarlet sunsets struck with their beauty.

Along the west coast of Langkawi beaches Pantai Kok and Pantai Tengah stretch out and Date and Burau bays are located here. You can enjoy golfing on the 18-hole golf field in Datai Bay, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. Those who want to spend a day on the beach of the bay can ride a horse and those, who have a rest on Pantai Tengah, will be able to hire a boat and visit the nearby islands. In Pantai Kok, there is a resort called Tillaga Harbor Park which has rich tourist facilities and a marina.

Pantai Cenang Coast is located 3km away from the Langkawi International Airport. This is one of the most developed areas of the island beach. There are several luxurious hotels and dozens of budget chalets and restaurants. The beach provides plenty of opportunities for entertainment and recreation.

Langkawi Island abounds in first-class hotels and comfortable chalets. Numerous restaurants and cafes offer a variety of local and international cuisine, a pleasant atmosphere and live music.  

A marine park Paillard will offer you the best diving in the distance of 19 miles away from the south of Langkawi. Besides the island of Paillard, the territory of the park includes the islands of Segantar, Kacha and Lemba. Walking on the glass bottom boat will allow you to watch the underwater world. The road from Langkawi to the park by boat or catamaran will take you no more than an hour. In Langkawi everyone can enjoy pristine nature. Mysterious caves and waterfalls of the island make it a real paradise on the Earth. Activities available on the island of Langkawi will be evaluated by both young and older guests. Discover the diversity of marine life by visiting the "Underwater World Langkawi", which is the largest aquarium in the country. You will see rays, sharks, moray eels, green turtles and a variety of exotic plants. Do not miss the chance to visit the craft center, which offers souvenirs, particularly silver products. You can see the process of batik painting with your own eyes and visit the folklore performances here.

Numerous spas offer services for the lovers of relaxing massage in the magnificent nature. Local shops offer a huge range of duty-free goods at very attractive prices. Everything from articles of tin and perfume to alcohol and leather will surprise you with its price.