Kuala Lumpur - the capital of world events

       Экскурсионные туры в Куала Лумпур, отдых в Малайзии     Экскурсионные туры в Куала Лумпур, отдых в Малайзии      Экскурсионные туры в Куала Лумпур, отдых в Малайзии    Экскурсионные туры в Куала Лумпур, отдых в Малайзии     

Kuala Lumpur, also known as KL, is the largest city in Malaysia and one of Asia's most vibrant cities. This is a beautiful modern city that combines a variety of hotels of different star caliber, large and small trade centers, a huge variety of restaurants and cafes and always bustling nightlife. Surprisingly, in parallel with all this modern brilliance, Kuala Lumpur is also a cultural center. Many theaters and galleries broadcast about the history of Malaysia and the state formation of this country. There are many attractions in the city and within its boundaries, which will leave you breathless. In addition, you can buy any thing you dreamed about before, as Kuala Lumpur can be called the world capital of shopping where you can see the lowest prices.



Petronas Twin Towers 

 Petronas Twin Towers are the tallest twin building in the world and a symbol of modern Malaysia. The height of the towers is 451.9 meters. The twins are located in the city center and are a major part of business complex that bears the name of the KLCC. Hotels, mosques, as well as Green Park are beautifully spread out immediately after the twin towers. In KLCC performances of artists and business meetings are conducted and many purchases are made. On the 41st floor Petronas Twin Towers are connected by a glass bridge - Skybridge, which offers spectacular views of the city. Many tourists visit it in order to enjoy this view.

Hours: 9.00-19.00

Sky Bridge is closed on Mondays. Entrance is free, but during the day only a certain amount of tourists are allowed. Please plan your visit to the towers in the morning.

KLCC Aquarium

Aquarium, with a 900 meters length is located not far from the Tower Petronas Twin Towers. Over your head will swim sharks, stingrays and many other inhabitants of the sea. You will witness the daily fish feeding sessions and meet with the largest freshwater fish in the world Arapaimoy and one of the most toxic animals on earth Bumblebee Dart Frog.

Entrance is paid. Ticket sales closes at 19.00. Hours: 11.00-20.00

Television Tower - Kuala Lumpur Tower

Television Tower ranks 4th among the tallest television towers in the world and is situated in the city center. The height of the building reaches 421 meters, because of which the tower serves as an excellent landmark in the city for tourists. On the top floor there is a restaurant serving local cuisine called Sri Angkasa, with windows overlooking the entire city. The restaurant is renowned for revolving around the axis of the tower. You pay only for entry and alcohol. Food is available in unlimited quantities.

Hours: 9.00 am-22.00 pm daily

Palace of the Sultan Abdul Samad

One of the most attractive palaces of the city were built entirely of brick in 1897 and named after the ruling at the time of the Sultan. During the reign of the British in Malaysia, the building was used as the seat of government. It is located opposite the Freedom Square (dataran merdeka).

Freedom Square

The independence of Malaysia was announced in this square and in honor of this event a 100-meter flagpole was set. "Dataran merdeka" - refers to the Square of ??Independence. At present the area is used for parades and events.

KL Railway Station

You'll never guess what's near the train station. The building looks more like a castle and fascinates with its beauty. The station is a major hub connecting all rail routes for a long time, but in the present day is used as an administrative building.

Central Market

Central Market has been a place of sales from old times for the entire population of the city. According to the original plan, the building to be destroyed, but the majority of the population voted for the preservation of building. According to the expression of the will of the people the market was renovated and re-opened in 1986 and was the first case of heritage conservation.


Petaling Street or Chinatown is a street of shops and restaurants. A huge range of watches, accessories, clothes and much more will wait for you.  Here you buy souvenirs, enjoy Chinese cuisine with a variety of teas and herb drinks and pamper yourself with a feet massage.