Karlovy Vary

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Karlovy Vary is the largest Czech resort town, which was founded by King Charles IV near sources, the medicinal properties of which are known throughout the world.

The resort is located120 km from Prague, in the western part of the Czech Republic, in the valley of river Tepla. Carlsbad is famous for its rich history, charming architecture, beautiful nature and of course, for its healing springs.

Mineral springs are the basis of spa treatment in Karlovy Vary. The total number of registered sources in the city and surrounding area accounts for 132, of which only 13 are used for medicinal purposes.

Historical and contemporary experience proved outstanding preventive and curative effects of Carlsbad sources in diseases of the digestive tract, metabolic and musculoskeletal system. Karlovy Vary spa treatment is both an integrated treatment method and at the same time is a method to prevent relapses and exacerbations of chronic diseases. Peter I, Bach, Paganini, Beethoven, Marx, Turgenev and other equally well-known personalities were treated here.

All the hotels in Carlsbad are divided into three categories - "just hotels" three to five "stars", holiday homes and resorts. Holiday homes have their own medical facilities, and some have one or two baths. Sanatoriums (there are just eight here) provide comprehensive "Karlovy Vary" treatment, including the drinking course of mineral water, the bath of natural mineral water, the use of carbon dioxide as well as the use of mud.


The main natural healing factor - thermal carbonic sodium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate containing compounds of calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, lithium, bromine and other substances of the sources. Mineral waters of Karlovy Vary are mainly used for drinking water treatment, the water of Mill Spring is bottled, and the water of Vrzhidlo source is the basis for all balneotherapeutical procedures in the resort (carbon dioxide, oxygen, radon, and other pearl bath, swimming in pools, intestinal lavage, irrigation, rinsing, and more).


Hiking in Karlovy Vary forests can be attributed to the so-called "field course of treatment," which are often prescribed by doctors. A total of 21 routes are designed in the resort, they are separated by the degree of complexity into three groups:

• walks of low levels of difficulty (1 to 6) are suitable for patients with minor disorders of the joints, as the terrain is not very rough and does not require excessive loads

• walks of moderate difficulty (7 to 14) is also suitable for patients with minor infractions of the joints

• walks of high level of complexity (15 to 21) - tracks with notable enthusiasm, patients require good physical shape, and people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, or joints, are not suitable.


Numerous trips to Prague, a trip to the Angelic Mount (Andelska hora) with the ruins of a Gothic castle and Svatošské Rocks, in which the accumulation of bizarre formations resembling petrified wedding procession will make your stay in Karlovy Vary diverse. Visiting the Pilsen brewery, where since 1842 the famous brew Pilsner Urquellis prepared, where you can get acquainted with the traditions of brewing technology and, of course, you can taste unfiltered beer in historic cellars. Also, while walking in Karlovy Vary you can look at the museums of the city.


Fifty-meter heated outdoor pool "Thermal" (ticket ~ 1 EUR) with a fitness center and sauna. There is small indoor swimming pool with mineral water in the complex of Lazne III. Other attractions in the resort are the racetrack, bowling, shooting range, a riding club, billiard club, a golf course with eighteen-hole golf club with courses for beginners and also a chess room. There are tennis courts in the sanatorium "Imperial" (in summer it is open, in winter it is covered with a special tent) and in the park of the hotel "Pupp".


You can also enjoy air tours over the city, regular concerts at the city colonnade and temples, art auctions and Japanese stone garden. Municipal theater, chamber theater scene, galleries and exhibition halls, dance halls and cafes, casinos, nightclubs, slot machines.

Popular excursions quench your curiosity. They include a tour in Marianske Lazne and a tour of the surroundings of Karlovy Vary (plant "Becherovka" Moser, mountain Aberg). You will also enjoy trips to Bamberg, Marianske Lazne - Franzensbad - Plant Chodovar, "Evening Prague", Regensburg, which is one of the oldest cities in Germany, the residence of the Bavarian dukes and bishops, tour "Loket Castle and enchanted wedding," a two-day trip to Paris, a trip to Dresden, Munich or Nuremberg, a two-day tour of Vienna, Cesky Krumlov castle and deeply.



Many cultural events are held in Karlovy Vary annually that help diversify spa vacation.

• April - Meeting of the European aristocracy

• June - Music Festival "Mozart and Karlovy Vary"

• July - International Film Festival, Old Music Festival

• August - Beethoven Days (concert series), Student Film Festival “Fresh film fest”

• September - International Folklore Festival, Karlovy Vary autumn Dvorak

• October - Carlsbad week ("Tourfilm" Spa Festival, Spa Conference), International Festival of Classical and Modern Jazz Jazzfest.