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If you ever want compare a vacation in Bali with an ordinary beach holiday, you are wrong. Bali is a unique blend of culture, religion, art and stunning nature. Bali is a way of life, which once you experience, it will be hard forget. Opening Bali only a few decades ago, world tourism community has consistently elected him one of the principal directions. Every year thousands of tourists fill the island in an effort to learn the essence of supreme peace and bliss. 

The main resort areas: 

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Nusa Dua (the southern tip of the island) is the best choice for tourists with its excellent hotels. There is a shopping gallery and restaurants. You can enjoy water sports and golf club. It is a quiet place. To move to the other end of the resort, it is recommended to take a light blue taxi. It is a proven and reliable form of transportation. Attention: There are regular tides.

Tazhung Benoa is a resort area in the north of Nusa Dua. The prices are lower here than in Nusa Dua. There are good fish restaurants and you can enjoy water sports. Attention: There are regular tides.

Jimbaran is a quiet, secluded place where there are luxury hotels. Excellent fish restaurants are recommended to visit. Attention: pay attention to the quality of the beach and rocks!

Kuta is the busiest, "rave" area of Bali. There are discos, clubs, restaurants and shops. It is an ideal place for young people, rockers, bikers and surfers. Attention: it is busy and noisy.

Sanur is the oldest and most tranquil resort. There are rice fields and temples nearby. There are many Taiwanese. It is too quiet.



Bali can be visited at any time; the average annual temperature is about 26 degrees. The most favorable time is from June to October, when fresh ocean wind breezes the island and makes the air cool. During the wet season, there are usually short rains in the evenings and the temperature rises to 30 degrees.



Balinese Religion is Agama Hindu Dharma: the symbiosis of Hinduism and Buddhism with elements of ancient indigenous beliefs. The Balinese believe in reincarnation, monitor the cleanliness of the soul and of the mind and spiritualize the forces of nature. Their lives are full of meaning, often incomprehensible to us, the Western people. It is regulated by the rules, rituals and holidays, which tourists like to shoot. Hundreds of cameras accompany religious ceremonies and are focused on temples and houses. The local people do not mind the intervention in their lives responding to tourist delight with a certain degree of condescension. This place is full of impressions- the island is literally strewn with monuments: there is a temple in every house, several temples in every village, in every town on the main square instead of a monument to some leader there are beautiful sculptures. There are small statues of deities all around the island and you will surely see the offerings under their feet. Balinese believe that  before you eat yourself, you need to feed the god standing in front of house or office. It is a story, which is kind, bright and a little naive! On the island there are castes, the division between them rather conditional. The greatest proportion  of the population is employed in tourism and agriculture. In addition, the entire island is engaged in art. There are villages that cut stones; in others they make wooden sculptures and statues. There are villages where artists live, in which they perform traditional dances. There are also separate villages of jewelers and the masters of batik. Streets and roads merge into the demonstration of the achievements of folk art. The kites soar in the sky. You can feel the smell of flowers and the sea. This is Bali: a real holiday for the soul, mind and body.                        

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It is issued without any problem in the Indonesian embassy within maximum of 3 days.



We advice you to exchange money only at licensed exchange offices. The dollar rate is about USD 1.00 = IDR 9000 - 9600. Keep in mind that in Bali and throughout Indonesia dollars released in 1996 or earlier will not be accepted for exchange.  



It is best to move around the island by tour bus or in a taxi. You should negotiate the amount of compensation with the taxi driver. Bargain. The movement around the island is on the left side.  If you want to rent a car, you should keep in mind the chaos on the roads as the police will gladly penalize foreigners for the slightest infraction. In addition, the real danger is posed by motorcyclists. Motorcycle is the main form of transport in Bali and it seems that there are no rules of movement. They drive without helmets, with the whole family on one motorcycle and with small children in their arms. The easiest and most importantly, safer way is to rent a car with a driver and it will be inexpensive (depends on how you bargain, but about 20-30 dollars per day) and safe.



If you shop at other than state shops, necessarily bargain with the seller. Let traders realize that you are not Australians or Japanese (the latter is even noticeable!). The price when you buy the item will be about 30-40% of the original price.



On the island sanitary situation is in normal condition. Nevertheless, drink only bottled water and have a meal in decent places. Just in case, take mosquito repellant and anti allergic drugs.  



You can and should try national dishes. It is tasty, abundant and suitable for every taste and wallet. Keep in mind that the price in huge advertising showcases do not include tax; that is as a result you will be charged twenty percent more. Try the seafood and fresh juice, which is made ??from different kinds of fruit.


Airport tax:

When departing from the island airport to Denpasar airport, you will be charged a fee of 100,000 rupees (about $ 11). Do not forget about it and allocate money for it.



For excess baggage (especially Garuda) airlines charge a fantastic amount of money for each overweight kilogram (about 40 dollars). Pre-pack the heaviest items in your hand luggage, as they are not weighted.


Using our tips safely pack your stuff!

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