Tour "Freshness of the Fergana Valley"

Guideline for visiting Uzbekistan!





Day 1. Tashkent – Beldersay – Angren ("Yangiobod" Hostel) (260 km)

Departure to Chatkal-Ugam National Park early in the morning. Places to visit:  the peaks of Big Chimgan(3309m) and Small Chimgan (2098m).

Journey on the roads of the Beldersay and Chimgan. Lunch in the "Chorvok Oromgokhi" hotel on southern shore of Charvak Water Reservoir. 

Overnight stay in “Yangiobod” hostel. Dinner in the hostel restaurant. Evening stroll on the open air along a mountain area.


Day 2. Yangiobod Hostel

Rest on the nature all day long: hiking in the mountains. Lunch and dinner at the hostel.



Day 3. Yangiobod Hostel – Chadak settlement - Kokand (230km)

Check out from the “Yangiobod” hostel. Journey to the Pearl of Uzbekistan - Ferghana Valley, passing by the Akhangaranriver and the "Kamchik" canyon (2060m).

 Descent by steps to the Chadak settlement. Picnic on the shore of the cool mountain river Chadaksay.

 Travelling to the "Western gate" of the Great Silk Road - Kokand city. Visiting the most popular monuments of architecture:

Urda - the Palace of Khudoyarkhan

Juma mosque

Norbuta-Biy Madrasah

Dakhma-i-Jahon - the shrine of the khan

Madary Khan

 Evening stroll through the Kokand - colorful oriental city, then dinner in the restaurant in the city Centre. Accommodation in “Han” hotel for 2 nights.




Day 4. Kokand – Rishtan – Vuadil settlement – Fergana - Margilan – Kokand (260km)

 Leaving from Kokand and take the road to the East of Fergana Valley.

 Stopover in Rishtan city; acquaintance with the national handicraft and artisans. Journey to the Vuadil settlement - the recreation place of Fergana people.

 Lunch in Vuadil, then travel to Fergana city. Short walking tour in the City Park by the name of Ahmad al Fergani.

 Visiting the Margilan city and local silk-weaving workshops.

Overnight stay in the hotel of Kokand.


Day 5. Kokand - Tashkent (240 km)

 Breakfast and check out from the hotel. Visiting the Patir-Bazaar – the market which is famous for its cakes and halva. Departure to Tashkent through Kurama ridge and the Kamchikcanyon.

 Lunch in a local Tashkent restaurant.

End of the program.

... or Kokand - Akhangaran - Buka - Gulistan - Samarkand (520 km)

If Fergana Valley is only a first step to visiting Uzbekistan, so the next one is the travel to Samarkand – the historical capital of Amir Temur Kingdom. The way to Samarkand lay through the 6 regions of the Republic (total number of Uzbekistan Regions is 12).  During the trip you can observe the contrast of landscape from a green Valley, to a steppe area and massif.

Lunch in the Gulistan city - the city of flowers, which is located approximately in the middle of the way to Samarkand.

Visiting the «Tamerlane’s Gate» before entering the Samarkand. This is the place, where highway and railway are located too close to each other. You can find out what makes it so famous and why it is called in this way.
Check-in the hotel of Samarkand

End of Fergana program.