Fishing in the river of Ohta!

Okhta River water trips are interesting to fans of water hikes and you can enjoy excellent fishing in beautiful lakes of the route. Tourists travel motorafts that allow using engine on lakes without making it dirty and reach most secret fishing spots.   

Day 1  

Pick up at the railway station of Kem city. Transfer to the point of alloy Muezero lake (167KM).  On the way you can have hot tea with sandwiches - the perfect food angler. Okhta River (the ancient name, meaning "Guiding River"). Natural obstacles on the route are the rapids and lakes. Artificial obstacles are trays at the confluence of the river in the lake. Tray is a wooden construction of the dam which was built to hold the water at the confluence. On the river there are 46 shoals and rapids and 6 rafting dams. Breakfast in the field. You will prepare your equipment to go to the water. You will get instructions and equipment. After the preparation, you will take a motorized raft trip to Lezhevo Lake (8 km). You will go fishing in promising places. Based on the conditions of the route, you will have hot lunch on the way. Dinner and overnight in the field.                                                                                                                      

Day 2  

Breakfast. Fishing on the lake Lezhevo. Lunch in the field. Dinner and overnight in the field.

Day 3

Breakfast. Rafting on the river motorafte Okhta Crow Lake (12 km). Harvesting promising places. Lunch in the field on the island of "good spirits." "Island of Good Spirits" - is an amateur museum of wooden sculpture, which is organized by tourists on an island in Lake Raven. It collected about a hundred wooden sculptures and handicrafts. Setting gear. Harvesting promising places. Dinner and overnight in the field.

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Day 4

Breakfast. Fishing on the lake Crow. Tourist bath is a good way to give a good rest to the body. Everything is as in a conventional bath - steam, brooms, and of course, swimming in the lake or in the river. Lunch in the field. Dinner and overnight in the field.   

Day 5

Breakfast. Rafting along the river of Okhta till Muraveyny rapid (21 km). Sightseeing from the shore of Kiviristi rapid.  The instructor makes the decision to pass or not, depending on the water level and the readiness of the group. Fishing in the rapids. The lunch is replaced with hot tea and sandwiches. Dinner and overnight in the field.  

Day 6

We will raft from Myraveiny (Ant) rapid to a Kurna rapid, then to Ohta rapid and finally we will reach a Podyxhemskaya hydro-electric power station (12 km). Lunch and fishing.  Finally, you will be transferred back to Kem city (2o km) to catch trains back home. Departure on the morning train.

End of the tour!

* Route can be changed while maintaining the basic components of the program.