«ETHNO FASHION SHOW» will be held in Tashkent in the framework of "TITF 2016"

The 6th of October in the framework of the Tashkent international tourism fair (TITF-2016) will host a show of national clothes which called ‘’Ethno-style on the Silk Road ’’. The participants of the show will demonstrate national costumes of the countries where located on the Silk Road.

Firstly, The Silk Road is the path from Asia to Europe, and combining the people, their culture and customs. Moreover, this road was not only trade on caravans but also spread cultural achievements of peoples’ and spiritual values.

Secondly, this event will allow to better acquaints with the originality and uniqueness of national costumes and decorations to stimulate interest among the visitors of the exhibition to explore the culture of the countries represent.

Finally, "Ethno-style on the Silk road" will demonstrate the influence of national traditions on the clothes of different peoples of the Silk Road, their originality and identity. The fashion show will be held with the support of embassies and cultural centers of countries-participants.