Charming Uzbekistan


This is a unique opportunity to see the World history and discover the secrets of ancient battles and feel the intersection of the East and the West with your own eyes. Our nations interacted with the world civilization 2500 years ago and have never lost contact with the world history, while the Earth has always remained as an object of captivity for many kings and dynasties.

We present the section “Charming Uzbekistan” to your attention, the tours of which will not leave indifferent any person who is keen on everything interesting and cognitive.


Tour "Along the Great Silk Road" 

The tour “Along the Great Silk Road” is offering to visit key stopovers on the Great Silk Road in Central Asia. You will spend 2 days in each of them and plunge into the past from different epochs. You will feel like powerful askar(soldier) in the city of courageous people-Samarkand and as a beloved poet in the fairy-land Bukhara and as a fighter who strives for the freedom of his nation in Tashkent. This unique tour will not leave your spirit indifferent, which if full of enthusiasm and desires.


Tour "Roads of ancient caravans" 

On this tour, along with such cities as Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand, you can visit city-museum which is situated under the open sky and considered as the 8th wonder of the world and the pride of Uzbekistan-Khiva. This is the city, which was the capital of Khiva State for many centuries and even was the capital of Khorezm Soviet Socialistic Republic from 1920 till 1924.


Tour "Freshness of the Fergana Valley" 

On this tour, we will visit the most eastern part of Uzbekistan, go for a ride along mountain-ridges in Chimgan and have a rest on the shore of the largest reservoir of Uzbekistan. We will be hosts in the homes of local skilled handicraftsmen, who have kept the secrets of handicraft, tradition and customs to these days.


Travel to the Aral Sea 

Before the beginning of shallowing, the Aral Sea was considered as the fourth largest lake in the world.  Shallowing started in 1960 has continued to these days. The level of the water has decreased approximately to 30 meters. On our tour you can visit the graveyard of ships, spend the night in a tent camp and ride on the bottom of the Aral Sea to the settlement Muinak.


Journey through Central Asia 

As soon as you step on the land of Central Asia, you will feel the hospitality of so different, but equally kind nations of countries-Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. You will pass the paths of Great Silk Road, visit ancient cities and climb one of the highest peak of Central Asia, along highly-modern ropeway.  


Mountain routes 

You will be presented a great opportunity to choose from the great range of sightseeing in the nature. This includes dark tugai forests along the banks of the rivers, local impassable jungles and high mountains with forests with unique fir –trees and walnut-fruit forests. The mountains are also unique in summer when you want to escape from the scorching Sun and in winter when the desire to go skiing make you forget about everything.


Muslim Heritage Tour 

Being located in the heart of Central Asia and being cultural and religious center of the vast region for a long time, it was home to many scholars and sages. Muslim cultural heritage that began its era in the 7th century AD includes hundreds of monuments on the territory of Uzbekistan. Among them there are madrassas, khanakas, mosques and minarets, mausoleums and graves, palaces and homes