Bangkok - the capital of progress

  Экскурсонный туры в Тайланд, экскурсии по Бангкоку, отдых в Тайланде     Экскурсионный туры в Тайланд, экскурсии по Бангкоку, отдых в Тайланде     Экскурсонный туры в Тайланд, экскурсии по Бангкоку, отдых в Тайланде     Экскурсонный туры в Тайланд, экскурсии по Бангкоку, отдых в Тайланде

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The first impression of Bangkok - a modern urbanized city, where inexhaustible energy rages business life. The appearance of the capital is strongly affected by British influence, although Thailand was never colonized by the British Empire. It seems that Bangkok entirely consists of penetrating the sky, skyscrapers, office buildings, luxury apartments and hotels and a huge shopping center. But this is just one of the many aspects of Bangkok...


In Bangkok, the capital, which is settled on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, is now home to over 7 million people. Bangkok is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and one of the largest international tourism and business centers. Here the royal family lives; there is the state government and the administration of the region, main industrial, commercial and financial enterprises are concentrated. Bangkok annually attracts more than 2 million tourists. It offers more than 200 first-class hotels (including the largest in the world - 3700 seats), a lot of restaurants. Bangkok - the capital of Thailand, and the entire infrastructure described above proves that the city has this status is not in vain.


Royal Bangkok

You will see:

• Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)

The oldest temple in Bangkok was built in the XVI century. The main attraction is Wat Pho Reclining Bulla - 46 m in length and 15 m in height. Statue covered with gold leaf, eyes and feet are encrusted with pearl. In the chapel Ubosot there is another Buddha statue inside the pedestal that holds the ashes of King Rama I.

Royal Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha

The Royal Palace is located in the historic center of Bangkok. In one of the churches on its territory kept Golden mortar in the other - there is a big vat of holy water. Thais believe that if you dip lily and sprinkle on yourself and make a wish, it will come true. It is an interesting spectacle - changing of the guard of the royal guard. Temple of the Emerald Buddha is used for ceremonies and celebrations, in which the king is involved. Taking photos and videos are allowed on the palace square and in all areas of the temple complex, in the temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Bangkok Channel and Temple of the Dawn (Wat Arum)

A trip on a traditional long tail boat along the Chao Phraya River is the easiest way to see the sights of the capital of Thailand. Tourists will be able to see Chinatown, Floating Market, the Temple of Dawn, as well as feed

Jewelry Factory

Here you can buy products from gold, silver, precious and semiprecious stones.

Sight Square of Baiyoke Sky Hotel

On the 77th and 84th floors of one of the highest hotels in Asia - Baiyoke Sky – there is an observation deck with panoramic views of the whole of Bangkok.

Please pay attention: suitable clothing required for visiting temples.

Safari park Safari World in Bangkok

Famous Safari World, located in Bangkok, consists of two parts - the safari park and the marine park. Opened in 1988, Safari World is by far the most popular open zoo in Thailand.

The reservation area is about 43 hectares. From the window of the air-conditioned bus can be seen freely wandering zebras, giraffes, rhinos, bears, lions, tigers and many other animals that are already accustomed to "pose", allowing shoot them by video and camera. Opening windows and doors of the bus, feeding animals with hands in the park is prohibited.

After visiting the safari park you exit the bus and walk to explore the mini-zoo. To the attention of tourists - an entertaining show with orangutans, fur seals and hausen, as well as a lake in which red carp can be found. You will see walrus, capybara, leopards, lemurs. On safari terrace you will have the opportunity to feed the giraffes directly with hands: bananas are sold on the site, with which you can feed these giants. After a tasty meal there is a dolphin show. On the square in the center of the Marine Park do not miss the chance to be photographed with an army of yellow and blue parrots-mak-kau, cockatoos, African Greys. Give them seeds - and they fly down to you. Do not miss this unique opportunity to take photos on the territory of the evergreen tropical park.

On the territory Safari World there is a gift and souvenirs shop. Here you can buy all sorts of things with the symbols of the park and pictures of animals - from simple caps and T-shirts to the Thai hand-made souvenirs. 

Amusement Park Siam Park 

Visit Siam Park, which is situated a few kilometers from the capital of Thailand,. Creators directed all their efforts to ensure that a new entertainment center to recreate the atmosphere of the ancient Siam. The local attractions are filled with traditional Thai architectural style. Colorful decorations and interesting ideas for leisure pleasantly surprise with new accents and give extraordinary feeling. It seems that you are the eastern tale.

World of Siam Park filled with magic is not comparable with anything! This is paradise for water fun lovers: fountains, waterfalls, a variety of water slides, swimming pool and artificial lake. You can swim in one of the world's largest pools with artificial waves. Or it is time for you to please yourself and your children, visiting the most modern and technically equipped water attractions. The height of some of them is breathtaking, and their number and variety makes accelerate even the pace of fast walking tourists. Ground rides for children is also well constructed  and its height does not exceed 1 m 20 cm

Mesmerizing panorama of a huge Siam Park, which opens from the observation deck gives visitors an unforgettable aesthetic pleasure. The vast territory is thematically divided into several parts. There is a water amusement area, land area, as well as man-made jungle with three-dimensional images of prehistoric animals.

A trip to Siam Park will delight both children and adults. Even Thais, who do not love fuss, flock here for the weekend to get positive emotions.


Cultural and historic show Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit is a world-class performance, which tells about the culture, history and traditions of the Thai people. Staging is performed on a giant stage, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.  You can see the performance of 150 actors in magnificent costumes (more than 500). During the 3-act special effects are used, which correspond to the latest international technology, which gives the show both realistic and magical views.


Act 1. "Ancient times." Seven centuries ago, Siam was a crossroad of civilizations and the territories, where different cultures assimilated and penetrated to each other.

Act 2. "Three Worlds: Hell, Himappana forest and Paradise." Despite the differences in the lifestyles of residents of different regions of Thailand and the influence of other cultures, Thais are united by the belief in the principles of the law of karma, which says all the good and bad things in this life will entail welfare or suffering in the next. This part of the show surpasses imagination!

Act 3. "Along the roads of merry festivals." Buddhists believe that the entrance to heaven must be earned with noble deeds on earth. That is why the Thai culture abounds with all sorts of festivals in different variants. They all combine religious ceremonies with fun festivities. Entertainment complex occupies 10 acres and also includes a unique Thai village located along the banks of canals. During a visit to the village tourists get acquainted with the way of life in different regions of the kingdom, and the peculiarities of Thai arts and crafts.

And a lot of interesting and informative, you can discover with our tours to “the country of smiles" - Thailand!