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Turkey has already become a health resort for everyone. Every year tourists discover new places on Turkish beaches. If a few years ago tourists were eager to go to the coast of Antalya, today many people prefer to have a holiday near the towns of Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye.

Kemer and Antalya still remain as the most popular resorts in Turkey. The tourist season starts in April and ends in October. On the south coast the climate is hot and you can swim there from April to October.

Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye are the most elite places to stay. These towns are more similar to European resorts. Indeed, the hotels located on the coast of Kemer – Alanya look more like a special, stand-alone tourist centers, and going out of the gate, you will have nowhere to go. On the Lycian coast of Turkey there is more freedom. If you got fed up with spending time in the hotel, you can go for a walk in the resort towns and visit a restaurant in the evening, enjoying local cuisine. In Marmaris there are lots of ways to have fun, where there are a lot of clubs and bars that run all night. Lycian coast is very picturesque. You can see pines cascading from the rocks, quiet deserted coves and uninhabited islands, which are as if painted on the sea. This is the realm of secluded relaxation and enjoyment of the nature. Fethiye City was perhaps the largest settlement in ancient Lycia. Today this is a charming resort town, in which picturesquely colorful houses descend to the sea.  


Marmaris | Choosing the tour


• Aegean Coast

• Seas of popular youth resort

• From May to September

• The Sun and the unique nature of the mountains and pines

• Famous "Blue Cave"

• Shopping - marina Netsel

• Jeep safari and rafting

Marmaris is sometimes called the "Turkish Riviera" and this is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. Restaurants, cafes, clubs and discos are located in 15-20 meters from the water. Set of steamers and boats with illumination and music sail from Marmaris to adjacent villages and back. All of these create the atmosphere and carefree holiday for which people love this city.


Alanya | Choosing the tour


• Mediterranean coast

• Suitable for families

• Holiday in Alanya is considered as the most economical as plenty of inexpensive hotels in different categories both in the city and in the satellite resorts are concentrated here. Prices for rooms in hotels here are the lowest in Turkey.

• The warmest region, exactly in Alanya bathing season is the longest in Turkey.

Alanya - a picturesque resort town located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. It is a beautiful area in the south of the Turkish Riviera and one of the warmest and liveliest on the coast of the Mediterranean region with a rich historical heritage, banana plantations, sandy beaches and swimming season from May to October.


Belek | Choosing the tour


• Mediterranean coast

• All hotels of 4-5  level  

• 25 km from Antalya Airport

• Mild subtropical climate

• National Golf Club

• Ancient city of Perge and Aspendos

• Windsurfing, parasailing

Belek is a city of "holiday paradise", surrounded by pristine nature and located on the coast of the river. It is filled with the breath of history. It has everything including museums, interesting architecture, bazaars and shops, the amazing beauty of swimming pools, sports, and entertainment for every person. Belek is a resort without borders, the best center for recreation and tourism! Read more>


Bodrum | Choosing the tour


• Turkish "Cote d'Azur"

• clear warm sea

• spacious beaches of Gumbet and Bitez

• Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea

• disco "Halikarnas"

• ideal place for surfing

• grotto Karaada (Karaada), from where warm mineral water flows down from the cliffs and it is an ideal place for swimming. They say they are able to change the color of the skin.

Bodrum deserved reputation Turkish Côte d'Azur not in vain. It turned into a favorite vacation spot for tourists from around the world from small fishing village 60 years ago. Numerous representatives of bohemia come to Bodrum to relax and interesting exhibitions are often held here. Moreover, this resort is a perfect place for fans of surfing and sailing. Read more>


Dalaman | Choosing the tour


• it has its own "wild" beach

• scenic landscapes

• many beautiful bays

• Bay "Sars"

• The ruins of the ancient city of Kalinda

• rafting base in the village of Akkepryu


Dalaman is situated between the mountains and the sea and that is why it has spectacular scenery. It is not very popular as a beach holiday place, as there are large and untwisted resorts not far from it. However, it has its own beach, which is rather large and still "wild".

Izmir | Choosing the tour



• the third largest city in Turkey

• the symbol of Izmir - Clock Tower

• Kadefekale - "Velvet Castle"

• Church of St. Polycarp

• a beautiful mosque of Izmir - Mosque Hisa


Izmir, which is the third largest city in Turkey, is considered the birthplace of Homer, the founder of Western literature. It is believed that he lived in the city until 700 BC.  In 600 BC the city was destroyed and rebuilt by Alexander the Great.


Side | Choosing the tour



• resort town 68 km from Antalya

• scenic green peninsula

• orange groves and pine forests

• golden sandy beaches

• on the shores of luxury hotels


Side is a small, cozy resort town which is 68 km from Antalya is located on the beautiful green peninsula with a beautiful coast, orange groves and pine forests on the mountain slopes.


Fethiye | Choosing the tour



• unusually beautiful place

• first-class hotels and restaurants  

• developed leisure industry

• sandy lagoon - Oludeniz

• Saklikent - "Invisible City"


Fethiye was founded in the 5th century BC. by the Lucians. The port city is located 135 km from Marmaris and 55 km from Dalaman Airport. The town is conveniently located in a bay surrounded by 12 islands. Fethiye is called a "Turquoise Coast" and a heaven for romantics.