Ancient settlement will open for tourists

The project of inclusion of ancient city Vardonzi in the main tourist routes is developed in regional department of "Uzbekturizm".

Vardonzi is an ancient settlement, located in the sands of the Kyzyl-Kum and 40 kilometers to the northeast of Bukhara. The ruins of ancient city are occupied about 320 hectares and belong to the XVI- XVII centuries. The city was located on the route of the Great Silk Road. Such crafts as weaving, silk and sewing were well-developed here. The sanctuary Zubaida Bibi and Burki Sarmast are close to the ancient city Varzondi.


Until now the ancient city was not place for tourists. There were and are conducted archaeological research and excavations. Research activities in this area are carried out with participation of both domestic and foreign experts.

It is assumed that the inclusion of this historic facility in tourist routes will allow foreign visitors find out more about the heritage of the Uzbek people and also will promote the development of tourist infrastructure in Bukhara region.