Guidelines for the tourist visiting the Baltics


Baltic States is a region in Northern Europe, roughly corresponding to modern Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and former East Prussia (including the Kaliningrad region of Russia). To the west it is linked to another area, historically released to the coast of Baltic Sea– Pomorie.

Summary data for individual countries and territories


Area (km²)

Population (2011)



     65 200

     2 972 900



     64 589 

     2 012 000



     45 226

     1 286 540



Baltics is in the Schengen area. The citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan need must obtain visa. The application for the visa is completed in electronic form on the website of the Latvian Embassy in Tashkent. Consular fee is 60 Euro (to be charged in Euros, cash only, in case of denial of visa money is not returned).

Required documents:

1.  Visa Application Form

2.  Passport (issued not more than 10 years ago and is valid for three months after the end of the planned trip and has at least two blank pages intended for the visa label).

3.  Each travelling person needs 2 color photos on a white background, sized 35 to 45 mm (also for children of any age)on glossy paper, made ??no more than 6 months ago and the head in the photo should occupy 70 - 80% of the entire image.

4. Health insurance policy that covers at least 30 000 thousand Euros.

5. Evidence of funds (bank statements on the availability of funds on the account of a payment card, which allows to use funds while abroad, as well as a bank statement of cash flows over the past 3 months; or travelers checks not less than 10 lats per day + sufficient funds to pay for accommodation (only 70 USD per day);  if the company takes the responsibility for all the costs of the trip of staff, you need a letter of guarantee from the employer - company (in Russian or English).

6. Proof of employment (letter from the employer on official letterhead (original) indicating the position, length of service and salary (in Russian or English) and work-book (original), traveling certificate from the employer or the employer's confirmation for leave).

7. Travel returns tickets or the reservations of tickets.

Customs control

There are no restrictions on the import and export of currency. Passengers over the age of 18 years can import duty-free up to 1 liter of wine and 1 liter of spirits and 1 liter of beer and cigarettes - 200 pcs, confectionery and chocolate products worth up to $ 50, items for personal use, as well as other products worth a total of $ 300 (if the traveler stays in the country for less than 48 hours - no more than $ 150). Chewing gum and tobacco are necessarily presented to customs authorities.

It is prohibited to import drugs and psychotropic drugs, firecrackers, lighters in the form of weapons, drugs in commercial quantities, counterfeit goods, toy coins and banknotes, pornographic literature and videotapes, meat and meat products, as well as animals and plants listed in the Red Book and products from them. The license is required to export weapons, explosives, animals, poisons, medicines, telecommunications equipment, DVDs, photos and videotapes, gems and jewelry in quantities exceeding personal needs from the country.

The following activities are not allowed in Latvia and can lead to the arrest and/or imposing a fine:

Smoking in public places is prohibited.

In public places it is not allowed to carry open bottles of alcoholic beverages (including on the streets and in the parks). Violation of this restriction may result in a fine.

In the case of your presence in a public place in an intoxicated state and if you create public disorder, a penalty (fine or arrest) may be imposed.  

Disorderly conduct (including harassment, violation of public order, swearing in public) can lead to an administrative penalty (fine or arrest).

Driving a vehicle in intoxicated state (above 0.5 ppm) is prohibited.

Failure to comply with the legal requirements of the police can cause an administrative penalty (fine or arrest).

Resisting while being arrested and assault on a government official is a criminal offense.

The use of drugs is prohibited. Acquisition and possession of drugs is a criminal offense.

In order to protect yourself:

Be careful with casual acquaintances you met on the street.

Avoid suspicious transactions or arrangements.

In places of leisure and entertainment, always check the price list (price list) before ordering. Have a clear idea of ??what you ordered and know the exact prices before placing an order.

In entertainment establishments, it is desirable to pay in cash immediately after each order, instead of paying for everything at the end.

When paying by credit card, check the total amount. It is desirable to apply for delivery receipts, bills, or a document confirming payment.

Use an official taxi with a recognizable color and marks of identification.

Keep track of your personal belongings and beware of pickpockets.