Guidelines for the tourist visiting Scandinavia


Scandinavia (in Danish and Swedish - Skandinavien, in Norwegian - Skandinavia) is a historical and cultural region in the north of Europe, covering the Scandinavian peninsula, Jutland Peninsula and adjacent islands. Traditionally, the Scandinavia includes three countries: Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Summary data for individual countries and territories


   Area (km ²)

   Population (2011)



   449 964

   9 119 423



   385 186

   5 063 709



   43 094

   5 587 085




Scandinavia is in the Schengen area. The citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan need a visa to enter the country. The visa application form is completed in electronic form on the website of the German Embassy in Tashkent. Consular fee is 60 Euro (to be charged in dollars, cash only at the current rate, money is not returned in case of visa denial).

Required documents:

1.  Visa Application Form

2.  Passport (issued not more than 10 years ago and is valid for three months after the end of the planned trip and has at least two blank pages intended for the visa label).

3.  Each travelling person needs 2 color photos on a white background, sized 35 to 45 mm (also for children of any age)on glossy paper, made ??no more than 6 months ago and the head in the photo should occupy 70 - 80% of the entire image.   

4. Health insurance policy that covers at least 30 000 thousand Euros (Embassy accepts only Uzbeinvest policies or Kafolat).

5. Evidence of funds (bank statements on the availability of funds on the account of a payment card, which allows to use funds while abroad, as well as a bank statement of cash flows over the past 3 months; or travelers checks not less than 10 lats per day + sufficient funds to pay for accommodation (only 70 USD per day);  if the company takes the responsibility for all the costs of the trip of staff, you need a letter of guarantee from the employer - company (in Russian or English).

6. Proof of employment (letter from the employer on official letterhead (original) indicating the position, length of service and salary (in Russian or English) and work-book (original), traveling certificate from the employer or the employer's confirmation for leave).

7. Travel returns tickets or the reservations of tickets.


Only Finland is included in the Euro Zone out of the four Scandinavian countries. This will cause to remember the recent past with the flickering succession of different currencies. It is unlikely that you find all the currency at home and it is worth stocking up on plenty of smaller euro exchange. On the ferry there is equal circulation of foreign currency and you can also exchange the currency there. Additionally exchanging money on the route is problematic due to lack of time. Therefore, it is best to exchange money in Finland for all countries of the route.

1EU = 9,2 Swedish crown   

1 EU = 8,5 NOK

1 EU = 7,45 DKK

It is usually easy to exchange these currencies with each other. In the roadside cafes and souvenir shops all these currencies circulate. Dollars are not welcome, and the dollar rate is low. Rubles are accepted in some the banks in Finland, but the rate is unfavorable. The most expensive of these countries is Norway, in this country you should refrain from spending. In Sweden, prices differ greatly and choice is wide than the same in Finland, but these countries are not for a good shopping experience. 


In severe northern territories it is advised to take warm and thick woolen clothes that are suitable in windy weather. They should always be with you, as well as a jacket-windbreaker (by the way, the Scandinavians invented it), even if it's warm outside. Peninsula is washed by numerous currents and in various parts the climate can vary dramatically.


As a rule, on the buffet, which is a standard form of service in the cafe, there are fish dishes. Scandinavian cuisine does not differ with its delights, simple meat dishes with a garnish are designed to satisfy your hunger and give strength. It is better to go to the cafe at shopping centers with complex serving buffet that costs 10-15 EU. Dinners on ferries are famous for abundance and it is worth buying a ticket to a dinner (20EU). Liquor and beverages are extremely expensive and think about a "strategic reserve" (but do not take too much, customs clearance cannot be excluded).  


Virtually all Scandinavians speak conversational English. They are usually helpful, accurate and punctual. For many distant corners of Norway, the Russian people still seem exotic. Scandinavian countries are clean and relatively safe, the percentage of immigrants is low there.

Some more tips:

Tours require a tight schedule - follow the directions of an accompanying guide

Think about an extra battery for your camcorder

You will need to walk a lot not on the pavement, there are plenty of stops in nature to have a walk - shoes should be suitable for that.