Guideline for the tourist visiting Uzbekistan



  • Area of Uzbekistan: 447,4 sq. km.
  • Population: 28 581 600 people (2010).
  • Population density: 50,1 on the one sq. km.
  • Ethnic divisions:  Uzbek 80%, Russian 5.5%, and Tajik 5%, Kazakhs 5%, the Tatars of 1.5%.
  • Administrative divisions: 12 regions, 1 Autonomous Republic (the Republic of Karakalpakstan)
  • The capital of Uzbekistan: Tashkent more than 2.5 million inhabitants.
  • Language: Uzbek language is the state language, Russian is the language of international communication.
  • Religion: Islam, but live in Uzbekistan population of almost all world religions and confessions.
  • Time in Uzbekistan : GMT + 5 hours
  • Electricity: 220 V AC, 50 amp; standard dual-socket plug
  • Internet zone: .uz
  • International telephone code of Uzbekistan: (+998 XX)
  • Currency: soum

Location. Republic of Uzbekistan is located in the Central part of Central Asia between two rivers - the Amu Darya and Syr Darya. In the North-West of the Republic is a Turanian lowland and the mountain range of Tien-Shan, and on the South-East - the mountain ranges of Pamir-Alay. Kyzyl-Kum desert is located in the North. Uzbekistan borders with Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

Climate. Uzbekistan is worldwide known as a country with long hot summers and short winters. Although, it should be noted, that the main characteristic of this climate are changes in temperature and small precipitation. Much more sunny days than overcast, rains are rare. The climate is continental. The difference in temperature depending on the season, time of day and the terrain (mountains, plains, desert) is quite significant.

The average temperature in January is -6 ° C, and the average July +30 ° C in the shade, but in Uzbekistan, despite such a high temperature, heat is very easy, so the relative humidity is low. In the mountains of Uzbekistan the weather  cooler, more abundant vegetation, the air is cleaner. Winter in the highlands of severe, lasts up to 4 months. Snow falls in the mountains a lot and it does not melt for a long time. From June 25 to August 5 in Uzbekistan comes the hottest period of the year, the so-called "Chill". Similarly, the cold season lasts from December 26 to February 5 - Winter "Chill." Winter on the territory of the Republic frequently invades the air from the Arctic and Siberia, the weather is changing, the temperature falls. Mainly in the territory Ustyurt Surkhandarya region - where the temperature can decrease to -33 ° C. Autumn is warm enough. At this time, the bazaars abound delicious, famous Uzbek fruit and vegetables. The temperature at this time of year is around 13 to 25 degrees C. So for traditional tourism season is split: The season - from March to June and from September to December. Low season: July, August, December. January, February. In the off-season an advantage Business, wedding, educational, active tourism, as there is huge discounts on hotel services.

If you come to Uzbekistan as a tourist in the summer, you need to bring the following items: a small bag for carrying personal items, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrella, light walking shoes (sandals) , light clothes (linen or cotton). However it is not recommended Prolonged direct sunlight. To spend the night in the desert or mountain will be useful sneakers, lightweight waterproof jacket, a thin sweater or jacket.

Winter is real, it is frosty and snowy, not only in the mountains, but also in cities, it is advisable to bring warm winter clothes, shoes and hats.

Currency. All cash payments are made in sums - the national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks and exchangers. Preferred currency is the U.S. dollar and the Euro. It can be problem to change currency in the provincial cities, we suggest you make it in Tashkent, Samarkand or Bukhara, and in a way get help in this matter to your guide or driver. Credit cards like VISA, MASTER CARD are accepted in major banks, hotels, shops and restaurants in Tashkent. In other cities, in most cases, accept cash payment only.

Language. Uzbek language - the official language of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Up to 80% of the population can speak in Russian. In some regions, such as Samarkand and Bukhara, the indigenous population speaks Tajik.

Documents. For Russia and some CIS countries visas for entry into the Republic of Uzbekistan is  not required. Validity period of the passport or visa shall not be less than the period of stay in Uzbekistan. The hotel will provide you with a certificate of registration, which is at the exit of Uzbekistan may be required to present a passport control officers. If you decide to stay with friends, then you will need to register with Local Police Department in the community for 72 hours.

Import and export of currency. Import and export sum is not prohibited, but you should mention exact amount of money in any currency (including soum) in the declaration on entry and exit from the country. When importing cash in Uzbekistan, more than $ 5,000 per person, you should fill an additional custom declaration at the entry to Uzbekistan.  Recommended spend soums in Uzbekistan, as you can not spend it in duty-free. Duty-free in Tashkent airport and other cities in Uzbekistan is quite modest, so please buy all souvenirs directly in the round.

Voltage. The local mains voltage is 220 ??V, 50 Hz frequency waves with frequent voltage fluctuations and outages. Therefore, we recommend to bring flashlights. European standard plugs are generally suitable for the power.

Religion. Uzbekistan - a secular state, a democratic republic. Multi-ethnic and multi-religious. All religions in Uzbekistan are treated with great respect. Most of the population is Muslim - 88%. It has recently been restored and built many beautiful mosques. The next religion of the amount of believers is Christianity, Christians  make up about 9% of the population of Uzbekistan. Tashkent is the Archdiocese of Tashkent and Central Asia Vladimir. One of the most unique buildings in Tashkent is the Catholic Cathedral. Also on the territory of Uzbekistan is the synagogue and Buddhist temples, and houses of worship.

Purchase. In the bazaars and numerous shops you can buy colorful national dress: bright festive skullcap embroidered with gold and silver Chapala and curved upwards pointed shoes, traditional satin dresses, silk scarves and shawls. Also popular are homemade, painted souvenirs made ??of clay, small paintings on the skin, jewelry.

Customs. If your tour includes a visit to Uzbekistan active mosques, mausoleums, the guests would be appropriate to show respect for local customs, head covering (men and women) and wear clothes that cover the knees. Of course, the guests usually do not meet strict requirements, but appreciate the time and respect. If you do not know how to behave in a particular situation, ask your tour guide or escort. In the town there is not so strict rules and then there are appropriate shorts and sundresses.

Tipping. The accounts of restaurants and hotels usually include taxes (15%) and tip (10%), but as the monthly income of the local population is small, they are happy with any, even symbolic tip. Salary guides and guides is such that they are forced to rely on the good tips. Porters also hope that their work will be evaluated.


1. For security reasons, never put liquids on a plane in hand luggage (including perfume and cosmetic creams), flammable or sharp objects (knives, scissors, nail files). All batteries, rechargeable batteries (as well as lighters and matches) must be submitted along with the other luggage. On a personal inspection all of the above is confiscated and not always returned.

2. If you're behind the group or were in a critical situation - immediately contact the police and ask them to send you to the consulate, where you will have a help.

3. Whole your luggage you can safely leave in the hotel room. For money and documents better rent a locker at the hotel. Not to attract pickpockets, it is better not to carry large cash or allocate money for different pockets.

4. Getting ready for a trip to Uzbekistan, be assemble a first aid kit: - peroxide, iodine, brilliant green, etc. - Bandages, plasters - for the prevention of gastrointestinal disorders - drugs for the prevention of colds, antibiotics - analgesic, antipyretic. The list goes on according to the individual.

Insurance. In the insurance case, follow the instructions provided in your insurance policy. With self-treatment in health facilities and call a doctor, the insurance company will not consider your case as an insurance and does not compensate for the cost of treatment.