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For the richness and colorfulness Fergana valley is called the Pearl of Central Asia. Valley is bordered with chain of Tyan-Shan and Gossary Alay mountains and opens the gates for Sirdarya river. Fergana Valley always had the significant role in the history and culture of Central Asia. According to ancient Chine's history Fergana was one of the most important city belonged to Davan country of the end of II century.

Margilan was one of the biggest city in Fergana Valley was famous for its silk material which carried to Egypt, Bagdad, Horasan and Kashkhar through the Great Silk Road. Nowadays we can call Margilan as a capital of silk of Uzbekistan. Here a well known material "Khan- atlas" is painted and knitted by old technology.

Rishtan is situated in 50 km far from Fergana. Rishtan's people were famous for their pottery products in IX century. Secret of red soil, natural mineral colors and remnants of mountain's plants which are used in pottery still carrying from generation to generation. Masterpieces of Rishtan's masters are: great plates, deep caps, jars for water, dishes for milk described in unforgettable colors and its also adorn lot of international exhibitions, museums and private collections.

Kokhand was one of the main cities in Fergana Valley for a long time. It was a capital of the Kakhand khanate in XVIII-XIX centuries and occupied lot part of Uzbekistan and neighbor countries. Kakhand was also great religious center. There were 35 Madrassah and 110 mosques in its blossom period. Unfortunately most of them were destroyed by earthquakes and by the time of Soviet Union. 


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