Guidelines for the tourist visiting Kyrgyzstan


General information about Kyrgyzstan:

Area: 198,500 sq. km.

Population: 5,663,100 people

Population density: 29 people /km ²

Ethnic groups: Kyrgyz, Russian, Uzbek.

Administrative divisions: Kyrgyzstan has 7 regions, 40 administrative districts, 22 towns, 429 rural councils

Capital: Bishkek

Language: Kazakh, Russian

Religion: Islam, Christianity

Time: UTC + 6

Currency: Kyrgyzstan Som                                                     

Location. The state is located in the east of Central Asia, mainly within the western and central part of the Tien Shan and the northern part of the Pamirs. It is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, in the west with Uzbekistan, in the south-west with Tajikistan, in the south-east and east with China.

Climate. Kyrgyzstan has sharply continental climate, which is mild in most of the territory and in Chui and Fergana valleys - subtropical. In the plains and valley areas in spring and autumn are the best times of the year to visit, especially from April to early June and from September to October. Spring brings with itself a short period of flowering plants of the desert, and in the fall – it is time of harvest, when the markets are full of fresh fruits and vegetables. In summer it is very hot, especially in the lowland areas.

Documents required to obtain visa:            

  Kyrgyzstan has introduced electronic visas for foreign nationals. From now on, people who wish to visit this Asian state may submit a request for visa through the Internet. In the case of a positive decision (the response must be given within 72 hours) the sender will receive a special code, which he will present at the border control.

Tourist single entry visa up to 30 days - $ 140


There are no restrictions on the import and export of local and foreign currency (all the money and valuables are obligatory to declare). The declaration must be kept until you leave the country.

In Kyrgyzstan, you can bring in duty-free up to 1000 cigarettes or 1000g of tobacco products, up to 1.5 liters of spirits and up to 2 liters of wine. You will be able to bring a reasonable amount of perfume for personal use, as well as other goods valued at no more than $ 5000. Customs inspection is sometimes long and detailed.

In Kyrgyzstan, it is prohibited to import drugs and potent medications (over the counter, confirming the need to use them), weapons and ammunition, fuel and explosives, printed materials and video, directed against the political system of Kyrgyzstan, as well as animals, fruits and vegetables without the permission of Sanitary veterinary Service of the country.

It is prohibited to export certain foods, minerals and rocks without the permission of appropriate authorities, gold (declared) and precious stones.

Precautionary measures and recommendations when staying at the hotel: keep your money, documents and valuables in the hotel safe. If the room has a mini bar, all drinks taken from it during your stay must be paid on the day of departure at the reception of the hotel.  

Precautionary measures on excursions: before each tour, check the availability of tickets for this tour. Do not carry a large amount of cash; do not be late for the bus pick up at the beginning of the tour. During the tour arrive in time to the designated place of tours during stops along the tour program. The driver is not responsible for the money and valuables left in the tour bus. At the end of the tour do not forget your belongings on the bus.

Safety measures on the street: make a photocopy of your personal documents, the originals and do not carry them with you if possible. Do not tell the strangers the name of the hotel in which you are staying and your room number. In case of loss or theft of credit cards, traveler's checks cancel them and in order to do this, call your bank. On the street, avoid street demonstrations and other cases of large crowds. When traveling on public transport prepare the fare in advance. Do not carry large sums of money unnecessarily and do not carry money in a handbag under any circumstances. If you go for a walk with the family, arrange in advance where you will meet if someone gets lost.